Auto Manual of VW Passat B5

VW Passat
The maintenance instruction
1. Maintenance service
2. Engines
3. Cooling system
- 4. Fuel system
   4.2. The fuel pump/gauge of level of fuel
   4.3. The fuel filter on models with petrol engines
   4.4. Adjustment of a cable of an accelerator (the petrol engine)
   4.5. Additional adjustment (an automatic transmission)
   - 4.6. Fuel system of the diesel engine
      4.6.2. The general information
      4.6.3. Check of system of preliminary heating of the diesel engine
      4.6.4. Check of candles накаливания
      4.6.5. Candles накаливания
      4.6.6. System of heating of fuel
      4.6.7. Fuel atomizers
      4.6.8. The basic malfunctions of a control system of the engine
5. Engine management
6. An exhaust system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. A body
12. Heating, ventilation
13. An electric equipment


4.6.4. Check of candles накаливания

Use of a light-emitting diode sampler for check of working capacity of candles накаливания

If the light-emitting diode lights up, means, the candle накаливания is serviceable. If the light-emitting diode does not light up, the candle is faulty, and it is necessary to replace it.

Check conditions

Pressure of an onboard network of the car should be not below 11,5 Century

The control mean the engine should be in a normal state.

Safety locks in a chain of giving of pressure to candles накаливания should be serviceable.


1. Switch off ignition.
2. Disconnect from candles накаливания electric sockets.
3. Connect a control light-emitting diode to the positive plug of the accumulator and by turns connect the second plug of a light-emitting diode to candles накаливания, fig. Use of a light-emitting diode sampler for check of working capacity of candles накаливания see.
4. In the presence of the ampermeter measuring the big currents, connect it between the positive plug of the accumulator and candle contact накаливания. Measure a current consumed by a candle накаливания. If the current consumed by a candle, exceeds 15 And, the candle накаливания means is faulty.
5. Unscrew candles накаливания.
6. Check up each candle накаливания on presence of mechanical damages. The burnt or destroyed tips of a candle накаливания can be from a bad stream of dispersion of fuel an atomizer. If there is such damage, it is necessary to check up and, if necessary, to replace fuel atomizers.

Working capacity of candles накаливания can be checked up, submitting on them 12 V.Pri it they should heat up in regular intervals and for a demanded interval of time. Thus it is necessary to observe precautions:

  – To hold a candle накаливания a special clip or flat-nose pliers;
  – The electric feed circuit of a candle накаливания should have the fuse;
  – After check the candle накаливания should be cooled within several minutes.

The candle накаливания in a good condition heats up to reddening of a working tip within 5 seconds. At longer heating or heating in an average part, instead of on the candle end, the candle is faulty and is subject to replacement.