Auto Manual of VW Passat B5

VW Passat
The maintenance instruction
1. Maintenance service
2. Engines
3. Cooling system
4. Fuel system
5. Engine management
6. An exhaust system
7. Transmission
- 8. A running gear
    8.1.2. An amortisation rack
    8.2. A back suspension bracket
   - 8.3. Wheels and tyres
      8.3.2. Instructions on operation of tyres
      8.3.3. Gate check
      8.3.4. Shift of wheels
      8.3.5. Disks and tyres
      8.3.6. A spare wheel
      8.3.7. Replacement of wheels
      8.3.8. Bolts-sekretki for fastening of wheels
      8.3.9. Chains противоскольжения
      8.3.10. A car raising
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. A body
12. Heating, ventilation
13. An electric equipment


8.3.3. Gate check

Gate elements

1 – a plastic cap,
2 – меаллический a cap,
3 – a carving of the gate,
4 – the gate

1. Unscrew a cap from the gate.
2. Put on the gate of a few saliva. At vial formation screw up the gate a cap underside.
The prevention

For a gate tightening to use only a metal cap.

3. Repeatedly check up the gate. At a further education of vials and at impossibility довинчивания the gate, the gate replace.
4. Necessarily screw a cap.