Auto Manual of VW Passat B5

VW Passat
- The maintenance instruction
   Doors, the central blocking of locks
   Luggage carrier cover (a back door of the car the Versatile person)
   Remote radio management of locks
   Rear-view mirrors
   Seat belts
   System of inflatable pillows of safety
    Forward seats
   Memory for a driver's seat
   Storing of adjustments of a seat and external mirrors for advance
   Call of adjustments of a seat and external mirrors for movement by a forward course
   Back many-placed seat (Sedan)
   Back many-placed seat (Versatile person)
   Cover for lengthy luggage
   Luggage space
   Shelf of a luggage space (versatile person)
   Lay brake
   Mechanical transmission
    4-step automatic transmission
    5-step секвентальная an automatic transmission
   Adjustable steering column
   The ignition lock
   Engine start-up
   Engine stop
   Control devices
   Control lamps
   System of the automatic control with the multipurpose index
   Vital importance infringements (red pictogrammes)
   Infringements of minor importance (yellow pictogrammes)
   Navigating system
   Switches and switches
   The podrulevoj switch of indexes of turns and light of headlights
   Screen wipers and стеклоомыватели
   Heating and ventilation
   Nozzles of giving of air
   Climatic installation
   Nozzles of giving of air
    Climatic installation "Klimatronik"
   The podemno-sdvizhnaja panel of the hatch of a roof
   Internal illumination
   Box for things
   Plug receptacles in a luggage space
   How economically to operate the car
   Antiblocking system of brakes
   Protivobuksovochnaja system (the reduced twisting moment of the engine, ASR)
   Protivobuksovochnaja system with притормаживанием wheels (EDS)
   Electronic system of stabilisation (ESP)
   The steering amplifier
   Fuel (petrol engines)
   Fuel (diesel engines)
    Motor compartment
   Bases of safe operation of the car
   Bases of safe operation of the car
1. Maintenance service
2. Engines
3. Cooling system
4. Fuel system
5. Engine management
6. An exhaust system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. A body
12. Heating, ventilation
13. An electric equipment

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Engine start-up

The prevention

At engine work indoors there is a danger of a poisoning!

Before start-up of the engine the gear change lever to put in neutral position (at an automatic transmission to establish the selector in a position "Р" or "N") and it is reliable to tighten lay a brake.

On the car with a mechanical transmission during engine start-up to squeeze out a coupling pedal – the starter should rotate only a cranked shaft of the engine.

As soon as the engine will start to work, immediately to release ignition key – starter should not rotate together with the engine.

After start of the cold engine it during short time will work with the raised noise as pressure of oil in hydrojacks клапанных backlashes is yet enough great. This normal phenomenon, and it should not disturb you.

Do not suppose work of the heated-up engine at parking! Immediately switch off!

While the engine has not heated up to normal working temperature, avoid to give it high turns and full giving of fuel.

At towage of cars with каталитическим neutralizer for clearing of the fulfilled gases it is impossible to continue to try to start the engine at distance of towage more than 50 m. not Burnt down fuel can get in каталитический neutralizer and damage it.

Before to try to get the engine by towage, it is necessary to try to start up it by means of the storage battery of other car.

Petrol engines

These engines are equipped by system of injection of fuel which automatically at any temperature of external air provides an optimum parity between fuel and air.

Before start-up of the cold or heated-up engine and during start-up it is not necessary to press an accelerator pedal.

If it is not possible to get at once the engine, it is necessary to suspend process of start-up in 10 seconds and to repeat it in half-minute.

If the engine again is not got, it is necessary to check up the fuse of the electric drive of the fuel pump.

After start-up of very hot engine it is necessary to allow to it to work some time for average turns.

Diesel engines

The device of prestarting heating

After position inclusion at movement ("Ignition is included") the control lamp depending on temperature of a cooling liquid of the engine signals or does not signal about necessity of prestarting heating.

Start-up of the cold engine

At external temperature above 5С: the engine can be started at once without prestarting heating. During start it is not necessary to press an accelerator pedal.

At external temperature more low 5С: a key in the ignition lock to turn in position 2 – the control lamp of prestarting heating will light up. The lamp will go out after achievement of temperature, sufficient for fuel ignition.

When the prestarting heating is included, all other heavy users of a current should be switched off – otherwise the storage battery will be overloaded by the big current.

At once after deenergizing of a control lamp start the engine.

During start it is not necessary to press an accelerator pedal.

At even unstable ignition of fuel in the engine to give the chance to a starter to work some more seconds (no more than half-minute) while the engine cannot work independently.

If the engine is not started, once again include prestarting heating and then again try to start the engine as it has been described above. If and this time it will not be possible to start the engine, check up the fuse of a prestarting heater – probably it has fused.

Start-up of the engine, heated-up to working temperature

The control lamp of inclusion предпуско вого heating does not light up – the engine can be got immediately.

Start of the engine after development of fuel from a fuel tank

If the fuel tank of the car with the diesel engine has been completely developed, process of start-up of the engine after fuelling can longer proceed, than usually is can last about one minute. The reason that the system of giving of fuel can be released from air being in it only in the course of engine start-up.