Auto Manual of VW Passat B5

VW Passat
- The maintenance instruction
   Doors, the central blocking of locks
   Luggage carrier cover (a back door of the car the Versatile person)
   Remote radio management of locks
   Rear-view mirrors
   Seat belts
   System of inflatable pillows of safety
    Forward seats
   Memory for a driver's seat
   Storing of adjustments of a seat and external mirrors for advance
   Call of adjustments of a seat and external mirrors for movement by a forward course
   Back many-placed seat (Sedan)
   Back many-placed seat (Versatile person)
   Cover for lengthy luggage
   Luggage space
   Shelf of a luggage space (versatile person)
   Lay brake
   Mechanical transmission
    4-step automatic transmission
    5-step секвентальная an automatic transmission
   Adjustable steering column
   The ignition lock
   Engine start-up
   Engine stop
   Control devices
   Control lamps
   System of the automatic control with the multipurpose index
   Vital importance infringements (red pictogrammes)
   Infringements of minor importance (yellow pictogrammes)
   Navigating system
   Switches and switches
   The podrulevoj switch of indexes of turns and light of headlights
   Screen wipers and стеклоомыватели
   Heating and ventilation
   Nozzles of giving of air
   Climatic installation
   Nozzles of giving of air
    Climatic installation "Klimatronik"
   The podemno-sdvizhnaja panel of the hatch of a roof
   Internal illumination
   Box for things
   Plug receptacles in a luggage space
   How economically to operate the car
   Antiblocking system of brakes
   Protivobuksovochnaja system (the reduced twisting moment of the engine, ASR)
   Protivobuksovochnaja system with притормаживанием wheels (EDS)
   Electronic system of stabilisation (ESP)
   The steering amplifier
   Fuel (petrol engines)
   Fuel (diesel engines)
    Motor compartment
   Bases of safe operation of the car
   Bases of safe operation of the car
1. Maintenance service
2. Engines
3. Cooling system
4. Fuel system
5. Engine management
6. An exhaust system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. A body
12. Heating, ventilation
13. An electric equipment


Climatic installation

And – the Handle of a choice of temperature.
In – the Switch of steps of work of the fan.
With – the Handle of distribution of giving of air on nozzles.
D – the Key of inclusion/deenergizing of climatic installation.
Е – a mode Key рециркуляции.

Climatic installation represents the combined system of cooling and heating which at any time year provides the greatest possible comfort.

The refrigerating machinery functions only at the working engine at temperature of external air above approximately 5С and at fan inclusion on one of four steps of the switch of Century

At the included refrigerating machinery in salon goes down not only air temperature, but also its humidity Thanks to it at high humidity of external air as well in a cold season state of health of the driver and passengers improves, and запотевание glasses it is prevented.

The handle And – a temperature choice

Turn clockwise – heating increase.

Turn counter-clockwise – heating reduction.

At the included climatic installation at handle turn counter-clockwise increases холодопроизводительность installations.

The switch In – the fan

Air giving is regulated in four steps. At low speed of movement it is necessary to include the bottom step of work of the fan always.

On cars with the dust filter at any position of the switch In air it is cleared of a dust, a soot of pollen of plants, etc.

The handle With – distribution of giving of air on nozzles
Regulator on the pictogramme
The strong stream of air from snuffled
The low flow of air from snuffled
1, 2, 3
1, 2, 4, 6
3, 4, 5
1, 2, 6
3, 4

Back nozzles of giving of air in a zone of feet are regulated together with nozzles 5.

Key D – inclusion and deenergizing of climatic installation

Installation can be included key pressing. In the pressed key the symbol "EXPERT" is shone.

Installation deenergizing is made by repeated pressing of the drowned key. The symbol "EXPERT" ceases to be shone.

Key Ерециркуляция air

Key pressing the mode рециркуляции air joins. At inclusion the control lamp in a key starts to be shone.

For deenergizing рециркуляции air it is necessary to press the drowned button once again. The control lamp ceases to be shone.

Installation work in a mode рециркуляции prevents hit in salon of unpleasant smells, for example, at journey of the tunnel or at movement in a stopper.

If it is necessary to lower quickly air temperature in salon, it is possible to establish a mode рециркуляции. At such mode air is sucked in from salon, then cooled.

The prevention

The mode рециркуляции air should, however to be included only on short time as at this mode fresh air does not arrive in salon, and at the switched off climatic installation of glass can mist over.

At work of climatic installation in a mode рециркуляции it is not necessary to smoke in car salon as the particles containing in a tobacco smoke, settle in the evaporator of climatic installation. It leads to that air submitted to salon still for a long time will have a smell of a tobacco smoke of which it will be possible to get rid with great difficulty, having spent the essential sum of money for evaporator replacement.

For safety reasons the mode рециркуляции is impossible, when the handle With is in position.

Besides, the mode рециркуляции is disconnected, when you turn the handle With from a position "air Stream in a zone of feet" in a position "Clearing of windscreen ice" against the stop.

If the handle With is in an adjusting zone between the position shown in drawing and position "Clearing of windscreen ice" a mode рециркуляции is impossible.

Keys D and Е also can be pressed in common.