Auto Manual of VW Passat B5

VW Passat
The maintenance instruction
1. Maintenance service
2. Engines
3. Cooling system
4. Fuel system
5. Engine management
6. An exhaust system
7. Transmission
8. A running gear
9. A steering
10. Brake system
11. A body
12. Heating, ventilation
- 13. An electric equipment
   13.2. The general information
    13.3. Electric chains
   13.4. Safety locks
   13.5. Rules of care of the accumulator
   13.6. Accumulator check
   13.7. Accumulator gymnastics
   13.8. The accumulator
   13.9. Gymnastics system
   13.10. The generator
   13.11. Replacement of brushes of the generator and a pressure regulator
   13.12. System of start of the engine
   13.13. A starter
   13.14. The traction relay of a starter
   13.15. Replacement of bulbs of external illumination
   13.16. Replacement of bulbs of internal illumination
   13.17. Devices of external illumination
   13.18. The executive engine of the proof-reader of light of headlights
   13.19. Adjustment of light of headlights
   13.20. Gas-discharge lamps of headlights of a passing light
   13.21. A combination of devices
   13.22. Multipurpose switches of a steering column
   13.23. Switches
   13.24. A radio receiver
   13.25. High-frequency loudspeakers
   13.26. Low-frequency loudspeakers
   13.27. The aerial
   13.28. Check of a heater of back glass
   13.29. The engine of a screen wiper of a windscreen
   13.30. The engine of a screen wiper of back glass
   13.31. The pump стеклоомывателя
   13.32. System of the central blocking of locks
   13.33. The basic malfunctions of the generator
   13.34. The basic malfunctions of a starter
    13.35. Electric schemes


13.27. The aerial

The external aerial of a radio receiver

1 – a mast of the aerial,
2 – the isolating basis with the antenna amplifier,
3 – the antenna wire connecting the aerial with the panel of devices,
4 – the antenna wire connecting the panel of devices with a radio receiver,
5 – a nut,
6 – consolidation

The prevention

The nut is connected by 5 plastic ring to a ridge washer. At installation of a ridge washer put on an interfaced surface of a roof electrowire paste.

The aerial is established on a roof together with the amplifier located in the basis of the aerial.

The standard aerial of a radio receiver established on cars, is protected from a radio noise.

For reduction of hindrances to radio reception additional protection on following units is established:

  – The fan of a radiator,
  – The electric motor of a cleaner of a windscreen,
  – The electric motor of a cleaner of back glass.

For reduction of a radio noise connection of units of the car with a body in strictly certain points is used.